Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling Course Syllabus
Topic 1: Valuation
§  Introduction to valuation
§  The importance of valuation
§  Understanding enterprise value and equity value
§  Valuation method 1: Comparable Company Analysis
§  Selecting comparable companies
§  Spreading comparable companies
§  Analyzing the valuation multiples
§  Concluding and understanding value
§  Valuation method 2: Precedent Transactions Analysis
§  Selecting comparable transactions
§  Spreading comparable transactions
§  Concluding value
§  Valuation method 3: Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) analysis
§  Understanding unlevered free cash flow
§  Forecasting free cash flow
§  Forecasting terminal value
§  Present value and discounting
§  Understanding stub periods
§  Performing sensitivity analysis
§  Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
§  Using the CAPM to estimate the cost of equity
§  Estimating the cost of debt
§  Understanding and analyzing WACC
§  Concluding valuation
§  Aggregating the three methodologies
§  Concluding value
Topic 2: Building an Integrated Cash Flow Model
§  Introduction to financial modeling
§  Understanding the links between the financial statements
§  Understanding circularity
§  Setting up and formatting the model
§  Selecting model drivers and assumptions
§  Modeling and projecting the financial statements
§  Projecting the income statement
§  Projecting the balance sheet
§  Projecting the cash flow statement
§  Creating the debt and interest schedule
§  Revolver modeling
§  Analyzing and concluding the model
§  Analyzing the output
§  Stress testing the model
§  Fixing modeling errors
§  Advanced modeling techniques
§  Using the model to create a Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis
Topic 3: Recruiting, Interviewing and Conclusion of the Course
§  Recruiting and Interviewing
§  What are financial institutions and investment banks looking for?
§  General interviewing overview
§  Qualitative/fit questions
§  Technical questions
§  After the interview
§  Following up
§  Selecting a firm
§  Selecting a group
§  Anything you ever wanted to know about investment banking
§  Conclusion of the course

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