Option Strategy Analysis

Detailed Syllabus of Option Analysis Course:
Chapter 1: Introduction to Future and Option, commodity and Stock markets
Chapter 2: What are Future Contracts and its application?
Chapter 3: Features of Contract, futures price quotes, hedging Strategies, volume and open interest
Chapter 4: How to enter and exit in Future and Option Positions, Live Hedging Examples
Chapter 5: Importance of Capitalists and Speculators
Chapter 6: Margin Money, Order Types and Introduction of Trading Simulation
Chapter 7: Functioning of futures exchanges
Chapter 8: Cost of carry relationship
Chapter 9: Rolling Hedges and Currency Futures
Chapter 10: Equity index futures
Chapter 11: Optimal Hedge Ration and Cross Hedging
Chapter 12: Interest rate futures, implied forward rate
Chapter 13: Relation to Fundamental and Technical Analysis
Chapter 14: Options Characteristics - Intrinsic and Time Value
Chapter 15: Different Options Strategies
Chapter 16: Options Pricing - Call and Put Parity
Chapter 17: Option Chain Analysis
Chapter 18: Black-Scholes option pricing model
Chapter 19: Delta hedging
Chapter 20: Synthetic positions, straddles, and options spreads
Chapter 21: Hedging applications, and interest rate options

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