Tuesday, May 15, 2018

14 Stocks which are Showing a Consistent Track Record

“We never look at projections, but we care very much about, and look very deeply at, track records. If a company has a lousy track record, but a very bright future, we will miss the opportunity.”- Warren Buffett

With more than 4000+ listed companies how should one find a stock which has shown a consistent track record?
One of the tools that we offer our subscribers is a family of stock screeners. A screener can help you narrow down your search based on this or many such investment themes.
We have chosen companies which satisfy the following criteria:
  • Announced results in the last 2 months
  • Positive Financial Trend over the last 4 quarters
  • Moving Averages are Bullish or Mildly Bullish
  • Quality is Good or Excellent
  • Valuation which is Very Attractive, Attractive or Fair
The following 14 companies make the cut:
Comp. NameMarket CapIndustry1Y Return
Graphite IndiaMid CapElectrodes & Welding521.85%
Radico KhaitanMid CapBreweries209.59%
Automotive AxlesSmall CapAuto ANC117.18%
Sterlite TechMid CapCable111.48%
NOCILSmall CapChemicals92.23%
Titan CompanyLarge CapJewellery90.68%
MastekSmall CapIT Software57.67%
Delta CorpMid CapHotels34.18%
IndusInd BankLarge CapPrivate Banks32.79%
HDFC BankLarge CapPrivate Banks30.01%
Navin FluorineSmall CapChemicals25.18%
Tata MetaliksSmall CapIron & Steel22.26%
Indiabulls HousingLarge CapFin-Housing16.18%
SKF IndiaMid CapBearings13.07%
The above list is a great starting point to do more work on each of these companies.
It is interesting that all the 14 companies have shown positive returns over the last one year, although the returns have varied hugely.

Please Note:
A Screener is far more efficient than digesting every piece of available information. Screeners can analyze thousands of stocks in seconds a process which would otherwise require a lot of time and a large team of analysts.
To add to this, stock screens take away the biases and emotions that all of face hindering out stock selection process. Once you have designed a stock screen model that works for you, you can regularly check which stocks meet the criteria, with a single click.
To make life simpler we have also provided a few pre-designed investment themes. 

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